Archery Supplies

English longbows and selected archery supplies at Bullock Road Bows store.

Inside the Bullock Road Bows storeHand made by Bullock Road Bows

Handmade Longbow grips.

These are available in range of colours. Made from a comfortable soft leather to mould to the shape of your bow. Designed to suite Longbows made left and right handed.

Custom made grips for Longbows

Hand assembled arrows

Beech arrows made to order, $10 each.
Bare shafts also available in 5-16th and 11-32th. $2.50 each

Hand assembled arrows

Flu-flu Arrows for aerial shooting
Hand made and designed for optimal retrieval

Flu-flu arrows picture

Arrow Heads manufactured by hand

Hand turned field points, 5-16th. Approximately 100 grain. $1 each

Field points to tip your arrows

Blunts (manufactured from a cartridge case) .20c each

Blunt arrow heads

Rabbit trade points.
Specifically designed for rabbit hunting, not to be used on larger game animals. Stainless steel. $1 each

Arrow heads designed for rabbit hunting


Bow Strings Custom Made to suite your requirements

Endless strings, made to order.
We will need to know your string length and bow poundage, $11 each

Customized Endless Strings

Endless Strings


Flemish strings made to order. Single loop or double loop.
We will need to know your bow length and bow poundage. $11 each

Customized Flemish Strings

Flemish Strings


Handmade leather archer’s arm guard (bracer)

Double sided with leather for extra comfort and durability.
Price $35.00 NZD

leather bracer

Hand Made Leather Arm Guard

leather arm guard

Leather Bracer

Arm guards made from double sided leather

Double sided leather


Hand crafted  leather finger tabs (left or right handed, single or double hole).

Price $5.00 NZD

hand made finger tab

Leather Finger Tab single hole

hand made finger tab

Finger Tab double hole


Handmade hip quivers.

Your choice of machine stitched or hand stitched lacing.
Price $59.00 NZD

handmade hip quiver

Hip Quiver

Handmade Back Quivers.

Back Quiver Hand Made

Hand Stitched and Machine Stitched Back Quivers

These custom made back quivers come in your choice of hand stitched or machine stitched.

Back Quiver Hand Stitched

Hand Stitched Back Quiver

Price $135 NZD

Back Quiver Machine Stitched

Machine Stitched Back Quiver

Price $89 NZD

Back Quiver Youth

Back Quiver Youth Machine Stitched

Price $59 NZD



Make Your Own Bow Kits for children

Kids make your own bow kits, $15 each.  Everything including instructions except the fibreglass pole 10mm (available from Farming wholesalers nationwide).  Recommend using the 2 meter long poles. Bow approximately 16 pound weight at 28 inch draw. See Instructional video.

Or buy the complete ready to assemble kit with fibreglass pole included for $30.

Already assembled kits for $37.

Kit for make your own bow Fibrglass pole bow kit made up


Archery Target Butts

The perfect backstop for your target practice. Protect your arrows from damage while being able to easily locate them. And protect the neighbours from stray arrows!

Size: 4 foot by 4 foot
Price: $195
Stuffing not included for easy shipping – although a pre-stuffed option may be available by arrangement.

Archery-Target-ButtArrow Back Stop