Competition Winners

Here at Bullock Road Bows we like competition.

In the spirit of William Tell and Robin Hood, these are some of the previous archery competition winners from show days with Bullock Road Bows.

Bow Winner

Split The Peg Winner

Karl McDonald at the Nelson Lakes Festival proves he is a match for Robin Hood.

Peg Split By Arrow

Perfect Bullseye

John shows the crowd at the Nelson A&P show his William Tell act.

Bowman Splits Peg

Third Time Lucky

Splitting the peg with an arrow and taking home a free English Style Longbow from Bullock Road Bows.

Winner of another bow

Look It’s Easy To Win A Bow

Sarah Welland wins big at Tapawera BGAC day. Fending off all comers to take out the archery tournament match Sarah proves that you don’t have to be a boy to have a steady aim.

Another Happy Bullock Road Bow Winner

Winning Bows Is Not Just For The Boys

Archery fun for the whole family.