In true Lord of the Rings spirit, we at Bullock Road Bows supply a range of other handicrafts through our store. Here in the setting of Middle-earth, you can find all the supplies you will need to join Bilbo on his next adventure or to take up arms with the Elves.

See our Pricing Policy to understand how our fair prices work.

Wooden Swords
Hand carved, with various coloured grips, and a variety of pommel styles and guards 1-hour plus $7.50 materials each

Hand carved wooden swordsSwords with a range of grips and pommels


Powder Horn

Every good musketeer knows that keeping your powder dry is the difference between life and death or eating and going hungry. Crafted from genuine horn these are the real deal.  Price $190

Black Powder Horn made from genuine horn



Antler Tip
Why have a common sharks tooth pendant when you can own a genuine stag antler pendant from the home of Middle Earth Only $20 each

Pendants made from genuine deer antler tips

Arrow Head
Genuine wooden pendants handcrafted into the shape of an arrowhead  $10 each.

picture of wooden arrow head pendant


Antler Rings
For that special something different ring, you can not go past these genuine hand carved antler rings.  These could possibly have been what all the fuss was over in the real Middle Earth!  Various sizes $10 each.

hand carved antler rings


Brass shawl pins
Approximately 2 inches in diameter these shawl pins are designed to look stylish and to last a lifetime, in fact, they could well become a family heirloom lasting many generations. Priced at a very reasonable 0.75 hour plus $3.90 each.

pin for holding shawls

Sack Needle
Born out of necessity these sack needles will make short work of sewing up your sack targets. With any number of uses around the home, it pays to have a few of these sack needles on hand.  At only $5 each, you can afford to keep a few lying around to take care of all those heavy duty stitching requirements.

Custom made sack needle


Wood Work

Dr Seuss Book Case
This handsome bookcase is a custom-built creation to fulfil the design brief of a Dr Seuss theme.
No job too challenging for craftsman Ed from Bullock Road Bows.  Value $500.

Book case designed to Dr Seuss theme


Woodpecker Door Knocker
Looking for that something special to enhance the entrance to your house then look no further than this handcrafted woodpecker door knocker. A chip off the old block for only 1-hour plus $7.50 each.

wooden doorknocker in woodpecker design


Wooden mouse doorstop
Why have a plastic doorstop when you can have a genuine hand turned wooden mouse guarding your door. These cheeky little fellows are a steal at only 2.5-hours plus $2.50 each.

hand turned wooden mouse doorstop


Hand carved wooden snail
If you think the mice are too fast pace than maybe these cute little critters might be the go.  Hand carved from NZ timber these wooden snails are guaranteed not to eat the lettuce patch. A gift at only 2.5-hours plus $2.50 each.

New Zealand native wood carved into a snail


Wooden Spoon
Great for stirring, and an award often given to the biggest stirrer, these wooden spoons fit any occasion.  Why settle for a mass produced imitation when you can have the genuine hand carved article. They look better and last longer. Kids – make sure you are on your best behaviour when mom has one of these within reach! Large size 1-hour plus $2.50.

wood carved spoons


Wooden Jewellery box
Don’t store your prized jewellery in a cheap plastic box when you can have a showpiece with one of these hand-carved wooden jewellery boxes. 3.5 hours plus $2.50 each but what price love?

wooden shell carved into jewellery box


Wooden Mushrooms and Toadstools
Don’t let the garden faeries go homeless. Grab yourself a cheap faerie motel now. Priced at a cheap 1.25 Hours they are a bargain.

nz native timber mushrooms and deer antler toadstools
NZ Native Wood and Deer Antler



Spinning wooden mushroom topwhitled by hand wooden toadstills
Spinning NZ Native Wood Mushroom

Spinning Tops

Handcrafted from New Zealand’s finest native timber. These tops will be hours of fun for the children and grandchildren (and maybe the grandparents too shhh). Price 20 minutes only!

spinning tops hand crafted

NZ native wood spinning tops

Collect a whole set of different timbers for a great talking point.

Candle Snuffer

Add a touch of something special to your candelabra collection.

These handcrafted candle snuffers in Brass and Copper with Wood inserts definitely create an air of the theatrical. Not to mention they save burnt fingers and sooty marks! Get yours today, and order one for that friend who has everything.

Price: Only 2-hours and $5.00

unique candle snufferHand crafted Candle-SnufferBrass-Candle-Snuffer


Cow Halter

Handmade and designed to last.
These rope halters can be used on cows (or Bullocks if you have one) and even horses. Some say they are useful for camels and wildebeest, although we are yet to personally test these.
A cheap and very durable rope halter option for all budding show cattle masters and homesteaders looking to restrain a milking cow.

Price: $12

Rope Halter

handcrafted rope halter

Deer Antler Buttons