Pricing Policy

Our Pricing Policy is:

A fair days pay for a fair days work

Here at Bullock Road Bows, we believe that an hour of our time is worth the same as an hour of your time and we charge the same rate that you charge. If you are not working then we charge New Zealand minimum wage rates (currently $17.50 p/h).

All our handcrafts display the hours spent making them plus the cost of materials used.

For example:

The cost of a wooden spoon is 1-hour labour plus $2.50 worth of materials.

If you are not working or on minimum wage, the cost would be 1 x 1 hour ($17.50) plus $2.50 materials for a total price of $20.00

The price of the same spoon to a professional charging $150 an hour would be 1 x $150 plus $2.50 for a total price of $152.50.
Yes, we are happy to give prompt payment discounts if these apply to you.

Bullock Road Bows philosophy on pricing applies to all handcrafts other than archery equipment. Archery products quite often fall below the minimum wage rate but I enjoy crafting them and take pride in supplying you the best deal in the world.

Where else can you get New Zealand grown timber handcrafted by an expert bowyer in a pristine alpine environment at these crazy prices?