Bullock Road Bows specialise in English style Longbows handcrafted from New Zealand’s home grown bow making timber.


English Style Longbow

These are not the cheapest bows on the market, nor are they mass produced bows in generic styles.  No two Bullock Road Bows are identical. Each bow is hand tailored to the strengths of the home grown timber and the custom requirements of the client. Even the finishing detail of the bows is unique with genuine deer antler nocks and hand stitched grips.

These bows are designed to look spectacular on display as well as being made to perform in the bush.

Price varies per customer specifications.

close up of characteristics of bowsA collection of Bullock Road Character BowsCharacter bow picture

Bullock Road Bows custom bowCollection of hand crafter character bows

Character and detail in each Bullock Road Custom Bow

exquisite detailing in Bullock Road custom bows

picture of a character bow

Bullock Road Bows display shop

Custom Made Shipping Containers
Because Bullock Road Bows are requested from all over New Zealand and around the world we have designed special shipping containers to make sure your orders arrive in perfect condition. All bows are shipped in customised 90mm diameter tubes with screw top lids. These can be purchased separately for $35 each.

Shipping and storage tubes for longbows