Learning Archery For Children

Archery is a great family sport where members of all ages can participate together. If you are looking for a hobby that you can enjoy as a family then come along to Bullock Road Bows and book in for a family fun day.

It is never too early to start your children in archery.  With bows that can be customized to the size and strength of each family member everyone competes on a level playing field.

Precision shooting as arrow splits peg

Alan splits the peg William Tell style

During a quiet spell at the A & P Show Alan steps up the mark and splits the peg with an arrow to prove that age is no barrier in archery. Persistent practice and patience are the key to becoming the next William Tell or Katniss Everdeen.

While the Hunger Games is a fictional account there are many people around the word who have, and even still do, depend on their marksmanship to bring home supper for the family.

Bow hunting is the natural progression from target shooting and even that can be enjoyed by old and young together. Alan shows that his true aim is not only good for show tricks but also good for putting food on the table.

rabbit hunting with bow and arrow

The Bow Hunter

Competition Winners

Here at Bullock Road Bows we like competition.

In the spirit of William Tell and Robin Hood, these are some of the previous archery competition winners from show days with Bullock Road Bows.

Bow Winner

Split The Peg Winner

Karl McDonald at the Nelson Lakes Festival proves he is a match for Robin Hood.

Peg Split By Arrow

Perfect Bullseye

John shows the crowd at the Nelson A&P show his William Tell act.

Bowman Splits Peg

Third Time Lucky

Splitting the peg with an arrow and taking home a free English Style Longbow from Bullock Road Bows.

Winner of another bow

Look It’s Easy To Win A Bow

Sarah Welland wins big at Tapawera BGAC day. Fending off all comers to take out the archery tournament match Sarah proves that you don’t have to be a boy to have a steady aim.

Another Happy Bullock Road Bow Winner

Winning Bows Is Not Just For The Boys

Archery fun for the whole family.

Bowhunting A Medieval Legacy

From before medieval times the archer was one of the most feared weapons on the battlefield.

Their ability to silently take out the opposition from considerable distances made them lethal.  The predecessors to modern day snipers. Even the medieval armor plating struggled to protect against well placed arrows. There was also the ability of the bowmen to rain arrows down from above, not just in a direct line of sight, that made archers doubly dangerous.

medieval battle renactment

Bowmen Medieval Snipers

Archers were not just effective in war times. Bow hunting is a modern day connection to bygone times when the skill of the hunter was directly connected with how well their family ate.

With the advent of bows it was possible for the whole family to take part in hunting expeditions. As we can see in the picture below (WARNING NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH) bow hunting can be rewarding for all.

If hunting is your thing, then there are few greater thrills than taking an animal with only a couple of sticks and some string. It is raw and gritty, and presents a far greater challenge to the hunter than standing back at great distances with a high powered rifle and blasting an unsuspecting animal to death.

The bow hunter has to get up close and personal – which the first challenge to be over come. They also have to pick their shot as they do not have a barrage of bullets at their disposal. The arrow is just as effective as a bullet, even more so, when placed accurately, but a miss of the kill zone will not bring a game animal down like a bullet might. So you have to get closer, and then you have to hit what you are aiming at (the first time).

If you have never tried hunting with a bow, then I suggest you arm yourself with an English Style Longbow and a couple of arrows and challenge yourself to a bow hunting expedition.

Girl bow hunter

Bow Hunting For Girls Too